Hello Oreos!!!!


So my name is Georgia and this is my second blog. My first one, Fangirl’s Mind is on a site called Edublogs but I’ve moved Oreo Fashion over here at the recommendation of a friend.

This blog is completely devoted to my fashion. I create outfits and dissect who could wear it, where you would wear it, etc.

Now if you know me personally you’ll probably be like “WHATTTTTTTTTT!?!?!?!??!?” because I never seem that interested in what I wear but, to be honest, I rather enjoy looking at and creating outfits. I may not be able to wear them all (they don’t suit my body type). But the main thing I’m going to focus on here is fashion for all sorts of different girls, not just the ones that look like popsicle sticks.

Oh, I don’t have a problem with those girls, but there’s a lot of fashion blogs for you. Not so much for everyone else. There’ll still be outfits that we discuss that you can wear so, please, continue to read.

Ok, so the first actual post will come up later probably this weekend or next week. Once I have finished exam block.

Can’t wait to get started,


🙂 ❤


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