Outfit Two: Our Favourite Anti-Hero.

Show your love for Marvel's latest hero with this Deadpool themed outfit.
Show your love for Marvel’s latest hero with this Deadpool themed outfit.


So is it just me, or is anyone else completely in love with Deadpool? He’s a sarcastic anti-hero!! What more could you want?  So I just happened to see the shirt on Polyvore and I thought “Hell yeah!! Let’s create a Deadpool outfit!!”

Keeping to the traditional black and red theme that matches his suit, you may actually be mistaken  for Deadpool himself. 🙂

Mostly created for a tomboyish girl, with a love of superheroes, we have the Deadpool backpack to hold all your stuff (cause they’re so much easier and more comfortable) including your headphones (Deadpool ones of course) and your phone with it’s awesome Deadpool case. The snapback means you don’t have to worry bout your hair cause honestly it’s just too painful. The converse just too adorable to say no to but seeing as they’re either  $75 US or $103 Australian I think it’s safe to say that they can be replaced by different shoes. A pair of black ballet flats, converse or boots could complete the outfit just as well. I would suggest your shoes be black because otherwise it’s just going to be too much red on your bottom half.
Sadly, I will say that the red will show up the blood if anyone does shoot you in the legs, and as disappointing as it is I don’t think you’ll heal from the injury quite as well as he does. But we can keep hoping.

This outfit is pretty multi-purpose when it comes to sizing. It can suit popsicle sticks, hourglass girls even my pear shaped girls!! Woohoo!!!

Alright, lovely people!! Comments and tell me what you thought of this outfit and what sort  you want next. And no Indi this isn’t the one I was going to create for you.


G 🙂 ❤


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