Outfit Six: Making An Impression.

Josie first day


Isn’t this outfit gorgeous? This was one I created for one of my best friends. Her name is Josie and this was created under her direction.

We were discussing how we would dress for our first day of university (which I hope will be at Oxford.).

Of course I chose a completely weird outfit consisting of a Batman backpack, black skinny jeans, converse hightops, a beret and a blue and white striped shirt. See below.

First day Anyway, Josie then told me that she would want to wear

“okay so maybe a red plaid skirt that flows out, stockings or leggings, a loose black top, and some cute black boots with a red scarf”

So, from that description I created the outfit  up top. It’s cool and badass and it’s memorable. You couldn’t forget a girl dressed like that. It suits Josie in general. She’s also cool, badass and once you’ve met her once you can’t ever forget her.

Josie, like me is curvy so this outfit is made for girls with  curves, either heart shaped or hourglass shaped would suit it best.

I’ve kept to a basic black and red colour scheme which suits most colouring.

This outfit can be worn not just on your first day of uni but just on a day that you are out and about in the city. If you’ll notice the shoes are the same one that I used in my hipster outfit.

Anyway, let me know what you think. And to any of my Tassie readers, particularly if you are in Launceston watch out for a fashion forward, curvy, beautiful girl. Cause let me tell you, she’s definitely going to be someone that you want to know in the future.

Next outfit soon!




P.S My polyvore username is: georgiamc2002





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