Outfits Eight, Eight point Five and Nine: Something a little bit different

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So I bet you entered this post expecting to see a post for the girls again. Haha, got ya!! This post is for all the lovely boys reading the blog. Thanks guys!! And to my girls, we can all hope to have boys who dress like this.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be some expert in male fashion, but I do know what I as a girl like to see boys wearing.

Theses outfits were created for one boy in particular, who contacted me through a mutual friend. His first message was:

“An outfit for winter, modern styled please, thanks 😊

And once this message had been passed on to me I bounced around and did a little victory dance around my room at the excitement of someone who is not a friend having read my blog and wanting to have something to do with it. Honestly, you cannot imagine how excited I was.

And then the stress set in.

“How on earth do I tell a boy what he should wear?”

“What type of boy is he?”

“Like is he a leather jacket boy? Or more of a sweater that grandma knitted him, boy?”

“Who am I kidding? No one in Australia wears knitted sweaters!!”

“But he lives in Tasmania…maybe they do wear knitted sweaters in Tasmania…It does get pretty cold down there…”

And then I was on Skype stress messaging Josie (the friend who passed on the message) and I was trying to find some answers to these questions.

And then the fun began.

Scrolling through Polyvore, trying to find jeans and jackets and shirts and shoes. I was thinking of kinda Dylan O’Brien style.

The first version of the outfit was the one with the nerd glasses and the varsity jacket. This was put together, saved and sent off to Josie for a professional opinion.

She told me to find a different jacket and to lose the glasses.

Which I did. Instead of Dylan O’Brien, I was kinda thinking Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

So we ended up with the aviator jacket and no glasses. Which I liked.

This was sent on, and a few days later I got a message back saying he liked it and could I please do another.

This time, I was given a Nike jacket to work with. Which was a little easier. This outfit is a bit less formal than the last one, which was fun to design because I kinda of thought about what most girls say they like boys to wear and something that is consistent is the white t-shirt with jeans and a beanie.

Anyway, once this outfit was done, I sent it on to Josie who sent it one to her friend, whose name is Joel apparently, and a few minutes later I got a message back saying:

“He said he loves it, those were his exact words.
He also wants to know where they’re from.”

Which, because I’m a dork, meant that I had another victory jam session.

So I would like to dedicate this post to the first non-friend to ask for an outfit!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you did give me a panic attack!!!

Seriously though, I love designing outfits for people. Male, female, whatever. It’s nice to hear from people who read this and want me to design for them…it’s like “woah, maybe my style isn’t as bad as I origionally thought. ”

Anyway, comment, like, share, follow, etc.

If you do want an outfit, comment and tell me about yourself and your style because I’d love to have your comments.

Ok, enough from me!!

Write soon,





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