I Forgot What Number I’m On: The Abigail Set


Hello people!!

So this set is dedicated to Abigail who is one of my beautiful friends.

She asked me ages ago if I would out together an outfit for her and cause I’m slack I haven’t done anything. Teehee, sorry lovely.

Anyway, so some things you should know about Abi:

  1. She’s creative and crazy
  2. She’s literally always happy
  3. She sings amazingly like Adele or something
  4. She’s gorgeous
  5. She’s smart
  6. and loyal
  7. and like me and probably most of my readers, she’s not a stick figure

But the great thing about her is she’s completely comfortable with who she is and what she looks like.

This is something that I really really admire about her. She’s a person who is confident of who she is and her attitude is very “I am who I am. Take it or leave it.”

Which is something that I think we all need to take note of.

She’s not a trend follower either, which is awesome. She dresses in a way that suits her, which takes guts and persistence because it is so damn hard to find clothes that aren’t short and tight these days.

She’s funny too. Like you have no idea. And she’s sassy, so we were always going to get along well.

She’s a fangirl which is what started our friendship.

I suppose I should probably explain the outfit.

So a few weeks ago we had a dance for school and the girls and I were discussing dresses. How painful they are to wear, how hard it is to find ones that don’t make you look like a tart and aren’t ridiculously priced and aren’t made for 18 year olds.

So Abi and I were talking and she was saying that she didn’t know if she should go shopping for a dress or if she should just wear one she has.

All Abi’s dresses are the Bali-style dresses that are in the picture. They look amazing on her.

She didn’t end up wearing one because she thought that it might go PHWARRR while we were dancing.

For all those who don’t know “PHWARRR” is the technical Abi and Georgia term for things that are floaty and have a tendency to fly upwards when a lot of spinning and jumping and skipping and twirling is involved.

She ended up looking gorgeous in this blue vintage dress.

Anyway guys, I hope you have kind of got a glimpse about how beautiful this girl is. She’s a big part of my life and I love her to pieces.

Hope you like the outfit my lovely!







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