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Halloween is just around the corner and I decided I was going to give you guys a bunch of ideas for costumes. There’s a huge range in there.

Below is a list of the costumes in order of appearance.

  1. Abnegation
  2. Amity
  3. Candor
  4. Dauntless
  5. Erudite
  6. Aquagirl
  7. Batgirl
  8. Green Lantern
  9. Green Arrow
  10. Harley Quinn
  11. Poison Ivy
  12. Robin
  13. Supergirl
  14. Supergirl II
  15. The Flash
  16. Holly Golightly
  17. Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)
  18. Isabelle Lightwood
  19. Katniss Everdeen
  20. Marceline
  21. Mary Poppins
  22. Mime
  23. Princess Anne (Roman Holiday)
  24. Sabrina
  25. Sandy

My plan is if anyone has costume ideas they can comment below and I’ll make them and put them up next weekend and we’ll continue up until the last weekend before Halloween.


Comment, like, follow.



G xx



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